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5 Common Javascript Interview Questions & Answers

Solution: getEmployeeName() will output undefined because it has lost reference to employee.firstName. employee.getName() will output Chloe because it still has reference to ` employee.firstName ` . We can fix this issue with ` getEmployeeName ` by binding its context to the employee object by using the bind, call, or apply methods. Solution: The output to the console will be 30. This is…

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Solving FizzBuzz In JavaScript - Full Algorithm Breakdown

Before we dive in to solving FizzBuzz let's first identify what exactly we are trying to do. FizzBuzz is a function that is going to log the numbers 1 to 100 in our console. When a number is divisible by 3 we are going to log "Fizz". When a number is divisible by 5 we are going to log "Buzz". If the number is divisible by both 5 and 3 we are going to output "Fizz Buzz". This is what the final…

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